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Welcome to Enigma, Merlin's one-page shrine dedicated to Pokémon Trainer N, the deuteragonist from Pokémon Black and Pokémon White and their sequels, Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. This site will primarily cover N's appearances in the fifth generation games, and also a little on his anime appearance.

This site contains spoilers, and some sections may contain my interpretations of the character rather than straight-out facts.


NNameNatural Harmonia Gropius
Height1.80m (5'11'')
HairTea green
ClassPokémon Trainer, Team Plasma Leader
RelativesGhetsis (adoptive father), Anthea & Concordia (adoptive sisters)
AffiliationTeam Plasma

Natural Harmonia Gropius, more commonly known as N, is a character who first appeared in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White.

As a child, N was orphaned and raised by Pokémon in the forest. He has the unusual ability to hear and understand them. When Ghetsis found him, N was brought back to Team Plasma's castle and surrounded with abused Pokémon, thus, N grew up believing that all Trainers mistreated their Pokémon. He (unknowingly) became Ghetsis' puppet for a more evil cause—Ghetsis would then use N to convince Trainers to release their Pokémon, and separate people from Pokémon entirely so that Ghetsis could have the power of Unova's Pokémon all to himself, and use them to help him take over the region.

N has an above-average IQ, and takes an interest in mathematical formulas. He often makes mathimatical references in his speech, and carries around a puzzle similar to a Void Cube on his belt.

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In the games

N in the gamesN first appears in Pokémon Black & White as a rival-like character: he is classified as a Pokémon Trainer (a class almost unique to rival characters in the series), has his own unique battle music, and crosses paths with the player character multiple times during their adventure. It is not until after their third battle in Nimbasa City that N reveals to the player that he is the leader of Team Plasma—Team Plasma's goal being to liberate Pokémon from people because they believe that people hurt Pokémon by forcing them to battle. N sets out to ally himself with legendary Pokémon Zekrom (in Black) or Reshiram (in White), who he believes will help him to become the Hero of legend and liberate Pokémon from their Trainers.

After the player challenges the Pokémon League and defeats the Elite Four, N appears alongside his legendary dragon, and a huge castle rises from beneath the ground and attatches itself to the back of the Pokémon League. The player, who at this stage holds the stone containing the other legendary dragon (Reshiram in Black or Zekrom in White), then battles N one last time. Upon N's defeat by the player, Ghetsis reveals that he used N for his own evil purpose—he raised N amongst abused Pokémon so that N would grow up beliveing that all humans mistreated Pokémon, and would then willingly help Ghetsis separate Pokémon from people. Ghetsis reveals that his true motive for the separation of people and Pokémon was so that he could be to only person with Pokémon at his side, making him powerful enough to take over the entire Unova region, and perhaps the whole world. In the aftermath, Ghetsis is taken away, and N reveals to the player that he has learnt a great deal from them, and now believes that that people and Pokémon can truly live together as partners and friends.

N returns in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2, alongside Zekrom (in Black 2) or Reshiram (in White 2), as an ally to the player. He rescues the player from an attack by Ghetsis, who then fuses N's dragon with the legendary Pokémon Kyurem, creating Black Kyurem (if fused with Zekrom in Black 2) or White Kyurem (if fused with Reshiram in White 2). The player battles the new Kyurem fusion, which splits back into the two separate Pokémon upon being defeated. N speaks with Ghetsis, explaining to him that Pokémon and humans can be friends (a fact that he was taught by the player in Black & White).

Post-game, N's Zoroark appears on Victory Road, and will lead the player to N's castle, where the two can battle. Upon being defeated, N will give the player his Dark Stone (in Black 2) or Light Stone (in White 2), which they can use to summon Zekrom or Reshiram, respectively, at Dragonspiral Tower. Afterwards, N can be met at the Nimbasa City Ferris Wheel each Friday, and for a battle inside his castle each season, using a different team of Pokémon to match.

In the anime

N in the animeUnlike in the games, N in the anime is no longer a member of Team Plasma. Instead, he is working alone to try and stop Pokémon battles. He is first seen briefly in BW109: New Places... Familiar Faces! and is introduced formally in the following episode, BW110: The Name's N!. He appeared in a total of 11 episodes.

N easily befriended Ash Ketchum upon their first meeting, however, upon learning that Ash's dream was to become a Pokémon Master, he became a little disheartened, due to his loathing of Pokémon battles. However, he was still able to get along well with Ash.

Over the course of the 11 episodes N appeared in, Ash was able to show him how Trainers and Pokémon can work together and become close friends. In BW122: What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!, N's final anime appearance, Team Plasma took control of the legendary Pokémon Reshiram, turning it against humans. N and Ash fought against Team Plasma, and the pair were able to free Reshiram. Ash, working together with his Pikachu, showed N how people and Pokémon can be the greatest of friends (in this sense, Ash is the anime counterpart to the player character in Pokémon Black & White).

N is voiced by Yūichi Nakamura in the original Japanese version, and Nicholas DiMichele in the English dub.

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N is a very strong-willed and emotionally-driven person, and he will stop at nothing to archieve his goals. This comes from the fact that his only friends as a child were Pokémon that had been abused by their Trainers. He feels that it his duty as a friend to do right by the Pokémon who had been wronged by others.

Growing up, N's only true friends were Pokémon. He has the ability to understand them and prefers their company over the company of other humans. Because of this, N is a little awkward when it comes to interacting with people, often letting his emotions get the better of him. His isolation made him a little naive and oblivious, hence he is unknowingly dragged into Ghetsis' scheme. Still, he very protective of his Pokémon friends and truely believes what he is doing the right thing by them. Concordia describes him as having "a pure and innocent heart".

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With Pokémon

N has a strong bond with Pokémon. He has the unique ability to understand them, and he considers them his closest friends. Due to his loathing of Pokémon battles, N releases them back into the wild after each battle, and never uses them same individual twice (with the possible exception of Zoroark). He believes that he was chosen to be the Hero of legend because of his vision to set all Pokémon free.

With Ghetsis

Ghetsis is N's adoptive father. He found an orphaned N in the forest as a child and brought him back to Team Plasma's castle and raised him as his own, poisoning his mind with the belief that all Trainers abuse their Pokémon by forcing them to battle, moulding N to his plans. All the while, N has no idea that Ghetsis' plan to liberate Pokémon was for his own personal gain instead of the Pokémon's wellbeing.

During the events of Pokémon Black 2 & Pokémon White 2, N sides with the player against Ghetsis, Ghetsis in turn turning against N, calling him a 'freak'. N refers to him as 'Father', though admits that it is difficult for him to do so.

With Ash Ketchum

N's relationship with Ash in the anime is very similar to his relationship with the player character in Pokémon Black & Pokémon White. The pair get along relatively well despite having opposing views on Pokémon battles, because they both consider Pokémon to be their friends. N and Ash worked together to free Reshiram from Team Plasma, and in the end, became good friends.

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General info

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Why N?

N is probably my favourite character from the Pokémon series, and one of my favourite video game characters of all. I guess it's because I can relate to him a little: N loves Pokémon, and I love animals (now, I know every little girl loves animals, but I was that kid—the one who drew animals on everything and wanted to be a vet and was a vegetarian because she didn't like eating animals).

I also found N's character so much more interesting than the villainous leaders in other games. Where all the previous bad guys were middle-aged men who stole Pokémon to (more or less) take over the world; N is a teenager who simply wanted to free his Pokémon friends from who he genuinely believed were the real bad guys. On top of that, he has a sad backstory, and I'm a sucker for tragic characters.

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